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Drug Offenses

Drug possession is considered a serious offense in Kansas, often a Class A misdemeanor or worse if you have priors. If you are found in possession of drugs, our first priority is to ensure that you understand your rights. We’ll question the legality of how the substances were discovered by law enforcement. For instance, your Fourth Amendment right protects you from unlawful search and seizure. Attorney Nicholas Heiman is well-versed in the Bill of Rights and has the experience needed to defend you against an unreasonable search of your home, vehicle, or person. Make sure you have an experienced lawyer on your side if this happens to you. Call now to discuss your options.

Driving Under the Influence

If you’ve been pulled over for a DUI, it’s critical that you take action immediately. Your driver’s license will be on the line, and if you don’t act within 14 days, you may lose it in a preventable way. Set up an in-person administrative hearing within the first two weeks of receiving your temporary license (a pink piece of paper called a DC-27). This hearing is an extremely important step to take, as it will allow the evidence of the crime to be challenged and may let you keep your license for longer than usual in these cases. For more advice on what to do if you get a DUI, contact Nicholas Heiman today to set up a consultation.

Driving While Suspended

If you’re caught driving while your license is suspended (perhaps as a result of a DUI or too many moving violations in a short period of time), you’ll need an attorney on your side to discuss your options and understand the steps you can take. Depending on whether this is your first time or you’ve faced charges for driving while suspended before, you’ll be facing a Class B or Class A misdemeanor, respectively. This can mean you may be fined as much as $1,000 to $2,500 and the potential of up to six months to one year of jail time. With several years of experience in these cases, Nicholas will walk you through and help you understand what steps need to be taken.